Myths are cephalopods

Memory is the best portable library, and  a man’s head the best conveyance for oral mythology. The use of a book is to record for posterity, and to elevate lowly thoughts to the lofty mind of men who have learned to read. Myths are cephalopods.

By wandering, I have got to understand wanderers, and to realize their ways of learning and teaching and thinking. […] I know of my own knowledge that men migrate and travel; I have learned that they have done so from the beginning of history, before books were. I know that tales and traditions which men remember travel with them, and spread from their mouths, through ears to other minds. I know of my own knowledge how myths travel. They travel with men.

John Francis Campbell, My Circular Notes. Vol. 2. London: Macmillan, 1876, pp. 199-202.

Illustration inspired by a rock art painting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

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