With start this blog that contains excerpts about narratives and storytelling that José Manuel de Prada-Samper has been gathering in his already vast wandering through landscape and documents.

Each entry of the blog includes:

the excerpt

its source

an illustration

reference to the culture that has inspired the illustration.

The illustrations are the work of Helena Cuesta. Usually inspired by the graphic forms of different cultures, they are free interpretations of the original images. They are meant to join or accompany each excerpt, but are not connected with the culture from which the text originated or to which it refers, suggestion a touch of creolization.

To facilitate thematic searches, each entry is tagged with several labels.

We will be grateful for any comments intended to enrich or widen the focus of Homo Narrans or simply to share impressions.

If you wish to send an excerpt about storytelling that you consider relevant to this blog, you can do so by using our contact e-mail Always give your name and the source of the excerpt. It will be added to the blog if we consider that it fits our criteria for the other entries.

We thank you in advance for the diffusion of this blog among those who work with oral, written, filmed or any other form of storytelling, and among those who are thrilled or interested by it.

We authorize and encourage the use of the excerpts in order to widen culture and art, and their potential.

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