Where stories go after being told


The story went into the forest, the thoughts into one’s own mind.

Closing formula of Maithil storytellers, Nepal; Coralynn V. Davis, Maithil Women’s Tales: Storytelling on the Nepal-India Border, Urbana & Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2014, p. 1
Illustration inspired by a drawing of the Huichol people, Mexico


A Spanish closing formula



And to celebrate they ate grouse and they took a plate and struck my nose. And seeing that, I smeared my shoes with oil and run back to my own soil.

Juan José Orga Díaz, master farrier from Frama, Potes, Santander; Aurelio M. Espinosa, Cuentos populares de Castilla y León, vol. 2, Madrid: CSIC, 1988, p. 199   
Illustration inspired by a classical Greek krater