The tale is, you know, like a young sapling.


The tale is, you know, like a young sapling. It grows, develops, you prune it, graft it, clean it, it will grow leaves, twigs and fruits. A new life develops, like that of humans as well. Who knows what it will be? This is how the tale is. Once I began a tale about a young lady, that she found a box. She picked it up, looked what is inside, she opened it. It was a dragon. He grabbed her and took her. What happened after: I told it for a week. This is how the tale goes: as we want it, only it has to have a basis, afterwards anything can be added. (Reflections of Hungarian storyteller Ferenc Czapár, fisherman).

Linda Dégh,  Narratives in Society: A Performer-Centered Study of Narration, Helsinki, Academia Scientarum Fennica, Folklore Fellows Communications no 255. pág. 44. 1995.
Illustration inspired by the art of the Maya culture.