We keep our lives in order with the stories


These are all the matters we need to know. It’s too easy to become sick, because there are always things happening to confuse our minds. We need to have ways of thinking, of keeping things stable, healthy, beautiful. We try for a long life, but lots of things can happen to us. So we keep our thinking in order by these [string] figures and we keep our lives in order with the stories. We have to relate our lives to the stars and the sun, the animals, and to all of nature or else we will go crazy, or get sick.

Words of a Navajo storyteller, recorded by Barre Toelken and included in his book The Dynamics of Folklore, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1979, p. 96
Illustration inspired by the logo of the Kalevala Society

A good story protects your home

El cuervo

Knowing a good story will protect your home and children and property. A myth is just like a big stone foundation – it lasts a long time.

Navaho; C. Kluckhohn, “Myths and Rituals: A General Theory”, en Harvard Theological Review, vol. 35, 1942, p. 74.
Illustration inspired on the art of the Indians of the northwest coast of America.