José Manuel

gathering and selection of the excerpts; translation into Spanish and English


editor, illustrator, web design and production


editor and art consultant


translation into Catalan


brainstorming, heartstorming & handstorming


José Manuel de Prada-Samper  (Salamanca, 1963)

Foto Jose
Photo by Joaquín de Prada

Writer, researcher, translator.

Focused on oral traditions and stories, African cultures and comparative literature.

He studies, practices and spreads  the art of telling stories.

José Manuel de Prada-Samper


Helena Cuesta (Valladolid, 1970)

foto Helena
Photo by David González Forjas

Storyteller, cultural facilitator and tourist guide.

She tells what she dreams, reads or hears.

Lives and shares art and culture.

Helena Cuesta


Ignasi Potrony (Barcelona, 1954)

foto Ignasi
Photo by Ignasi Barjau

Studies gestures, ideas, and some books.

Designs cultural events and teaches oral storytelling.

Tells stories.


Susana Tornero (Figueras, 1973)

foto Susana
Photo by Mònica Prats

Translator and oral storyteller.

Tells stories from her tradition and from the rest of the world.

Combines them which songs, rhythms and gestures from several cultures.

She is all for linguistic and cultural diversity, and works towards that goal.


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